The Parental Control module

The Parental Control plug-in works in conjunction with a web-based account management console where you can set up and monitor specific actions on the mobile device.

The Parental Control module incorporated in the BullGuard Mobile Security suite will only display the status of the service and the monitored items, while the control panel of the plug-in is located on the web-based dashboard away from unauthorized access.




Call: displays the status of the call monitor. It will record the count and phonr numbers to/from which calls were made/received.


Messages: shows the status of the SMS monitor. If it is enabled, the count and the content of sent/received messages will be available on your Mobile Security Manager.


Locate: shows if the automatic Locate service is enabled. If it is, BullGuard will attempt to locate the device every x minutes (hours), depending on how you set up the schedule in the Mobile Security Manager.


Photos: displays the status of the image monitor. Thumbnails of all images sent/received through MMS will be shown in the Mobile Security Manager.


For information on how to manage the Parental Control module from the Mobile Security Manager, please see this guide.