The Settings link from the Mobile Security Manager is used to manage options for the Mobile Security application installed on the handset.


IMPORTANT: once you've changed anything to the settings, make sure to press the Save button in order to apply the changes to the application installed on the device.


The Reset button will reset the Settings from the section above it to default.




Events upload & settings sync: enables or disables the upload of information from the application to the Mobile Security Manager. This includes Antivirus Events, Command reports, Call Manager events and everything that is monitored by the Parental Control.


Frequency: choose how often the information should be uploaded to the Mobile Security Manager.


Allow changes on the installed app: in case you choose to disable this, the settings of the Mobile Security application will not be alterable from the device.

Connectivity settings



Use WiFi & 3G networks: will allow or deny use of the Internet to our application. Please note turning this feature off will highly limit the functionality of the app.


Only use WiFi hotspots: If enabled BullGuard will only use the Internet connection if it is a WiFi connection.


Connect to the Internet while roaming: With this option enabled BullGuard will connect through 3G even while on roaming.

Application modules



Shows the avaiilable modules and their status and also allows you to enable or disable the Parental Control module on the device.